Tropical Pallets Crucial For Transportation Of Goods

Tropical Pallets Crucial For Transportation Of Goods

The world relies on pallets for the transportation of goods. The items are rather straight forward and, often times, people don’t pay too much attention to the pallets. After all, it is often inexpensive wood constructed together in order to hold shipping containers steady and to make sure it is not touching the ground (in order to avoid dampness, should moisture and water be present). Once a shipment is complete, the pallets are discarded and, almost always, just left in stacks behind a place of business receiving the goods. This is just a waste of good, quality material sitting around, waiting to be used. It is also how Tropical Pallets out of Miami had made a business out of collecting these pallets and refurbishing the material in order to help not only recycle the wood, but return the pallets to use. It is a method that has created jobs in the southern Florida hotbed for shipping while also helping able to prevent tens of thousands of pounds of discarded wood end up in landfills or even out in the ocean.

The owners of Tropical Pallets saw the potential to break into the shipping industry when noticing all of the shipping recipient companies storing the pallets on the exterior of their buildings. When asked what these pallets would end up, recipients would say they would either allow individuals to pick up and use what they needed, or they would just go and discard the wood in the recycling or trash. Typically though, these pallets would just sit out, exposed to the elements and deteriorate.

Tropical Pallets saw the potential to take trash and transform it into something worth while for the shipping industry. Now, it is recycling pallets and helping companies save money while shipping the goods to locations around the world.

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