Break Down A Pallet In No Time

Break Down A Pallet In No Time

Pallets can be used for so many different crafts. From the construction to the wood, there is limitless potential when it comes to these items. Of course, you might not want to use the pallets for anything in particular. Maybe you just want to break it down and ditch the large stack of wood you have collecting. Whatever your reasoning or what you want to do with it in the end, it is possible to break down the pallet in no time.

First of all, if you are planning on using the pallet for crafts, make sure to select the cleanest one. If there is one with cleaner, newer looking wood, that is the one to go with. It means it has sustained less water damage with reduced stress placed on it.

Next, grab a reciprocating saw. This is a handheld power tool with an extended saw blade a few inches long. Make sure you have a blade designed to cut not only wood, but metal. You’ll be cutting through nails, so it needs to have some resistance qualities to it. Once you have the saw, set the pallet up so it is standing straight up. Now, position your saw between the planks and the body of the pallet. Cut through the nails while following the gab between the wood until you have removed all of the planks. The sides will fall away easily once you’ve cut through the nails. This just leaves the center piece of wood.

Cut the nails you can reach with the blade, then switch to your crowbar and hammer. Slide the crowbar under the planks you are unable to saw through the nails with. Hammer the crowbar under the plank and lift. This should pop the wood off. Repeat this with the rest of the planks.

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