Pallets and Vertical Gardens

Pallets and Vertical Gardens

Have you been looking for something creative to do with your yard? You can have a garden anywhere even if it is a small yard or if the only space you have is a patio. For a very low cost, you can turn a pallet into a vertical garden.

First you need to gather your supplies. You will need a wooden pallet, landscape fabric, potting soil, and plants. You may need sandpaper, hammer, nails, a staple gun, and staples. You can find wooden pallets for a low cost and possibly even free. Anywhere that has a warehouse or boxes has lots of pallets. Keep an eye out for reclaimed pallets in decent condition. You do not want any wood that harbors bugs or may have mold growing on it. In general, pallets will have rough edges but if you find one in good enough shape you may not have as much work to do later.

Next, you will have to clean your pallet. Some wooden pallets may have toxins or pesticides on them. In the United States, the symbol HT means heat treated. This pallet is safe to use. If a pallet has been marked MB, it was treated with a preservative and pesticide called Methyl Bromide. You will want to wash this pallet with bleach to be safe.

Prepare the pallet by removing any loose nails and sanding down scratchy edges. Once you have your pallet in the shape you like, staple landscape fabric to the back of the pallet. The back is the side you will be standing against a wall. This will prevent soil or vegetation from falling out. Fill the open side up with dirt and about six plants in each trench. Let the dirt settle, wait a few weeks before standing the garden upright.

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