NWPCA and CAPE Machinery Integrate Together to Coordinate PDS Programing

NWPCA and CAPE Machinery Integrate Together to Coordinate PDS Programing

NWPCA and CAPE Machinery, a leading Spanish carpentry hardware maker and designer, have gone into a two-year understanding that will consistently coordinate the Pallet Design System™ (PDS) programming with CAPE’s elite pallet creation machines.

Advancement Project of CAPE 4.0

The arrangement between the NWPCA and CAPE to coordinate PDS programming with CAPE’s MACH series Flexible Nailing Lines is essential for another advancement project, CAPE 4.0. The new joining will permit CAPE clients to make their initial steps to the “Savvy Factory.” Enabling to design the pallet from the workplace and send all pallet information to the MACH Line will make the arrangement, consequently saving time and potential administrators mistakes during the arrangement interaction.

Digitalization is one of the pillars in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and PDS is one of the most exceptional programmings in our industry. Our overall clients have the right to utilize an instrument like PDS coordinated with their MACH Lines and see the result of the new advancements applied to their reality, said Marc Perez, CAPE.

Multiplication of The PDS System

One of the critical components of NWPCA’s essential mission is the multiplication of the PDS System.

Not only is the PDS System the best pallet design framework, it’s overall acknowledgment, and use gives a significant monetary stream to the Association in this way empowering NWPCA to help out the business, said NWPCA Chair, Shane Thompson.

With the authorizing arrangement, PDS programming will be coordinated into CAPE’s computerized creation measure for new, repaired, and retrofitted pallet creation machines, with worldwide clients buying CAPE apparatus getting a one-year permit for PDS.

The worldwide impression of PDS proceeds to proliferate, and this arrangement among NWPCA and CAPE further solidifies PDS’ market administrative role as the business standard for pallet configuration, added NWPCA President and CEO Brent McClendon.

PalX Annouces a New Technology Platform That Integrates The Entire Supply Chain

PalX Annouces a New Technology Platform That Integrates The Entire Supply Chain

Pallet users have been requesting for more insight, innovation, and developments from pallet business, stated Steve Mazza, CEO of PalX, we are thrilled to be the first to step up and fulfill those needs with the launch of our innovation platform, included Mazza.

The Development of a Technology Platform For Pallets 

PalX is on schedule to release its innovation and be functional by Q1 2022. They will collaborate closely with the nationwide pallet network that supplies the most extensive facilities and freight abilities to provide and obtain pooled pallets: the network services producers, storage facilities, and retail warehouse in every market throughout the country.

PalX, an innovation-driven pooling, and logistics business reveal an innovation platform for pallets incorporating the whole supply chain. 

The PalX pallet offers: 

  • Near real-time information retrieval,
  • KPI control panel user interfaces, and 
  • Unmatched presence into the supply chain unlike anything in the market today.

Established by market leaders Steve Mazza, Michael Lamb, Stu Lerner, Elton Potts, and John Huber, PalX was produced to satisfy the needs made by many big market players for pallet business to innovate and construct a better product.

PalX has a signed agreement from a well-recognized nationwide food brand name to provide the PalX pallet for their pooling requirements. PalX likewise has letters of intent from several other national foods and beverage brand names devoted to doing service with PalX.

About Plex

PalX is an innovation-driven pooling and logistics business that uses an innovation platform for pallets and incorporates the whole supply chain. Established by pallet market leaders, the objective of PalX is to resolve the market need for higher development with leading innovation, competence, stability, and service.

PalX has released a crowdfunding project to help raise capital, and financiers are motivated to access the chance through its Guideline C Crowdfunding offering on Republic.

New Release of Pallet Design System: 6.3

New Release of Pallet Design System: 6.3

New in Version 6.3

The Pallet Design System has come a long way from versions 6.1 and 6.2. PDS 6.3 presents the style and analysis of system loads of sheet goods. This is the first in a series of growths that will allow customized pallets to be designed and analyzed to carry heavy and oversized products and devices.

Improvements and new features included in PDS 6.3 are:

  • Longer pallets can now be created and examined as much as 30 feet. (deck boards and stringers still need to be constant pieces of lumber).
  • 4-way stringer pallets are evaluated for forklifting from the side with no requirement for a forklift notch, offered the bottom deck boards are high enough for fork branch clearance.
  • The stiffness and strength of long products can be consisted of in the analysis in all assistance conditions.
Luckily, long products often have adequate stiffness and strength to support a few of their weight. This is comparable to the load bridging seen in unit loads of boxes.

Strength and Stiffness Are Taken Into Account

PDS 6.3 now includes the ability to take the strength and stiffness of long products into account when examining the pallet. PDS can identify the bending and compression stress in the products and the radius of curvature to guarantee that the items are adequately supported to prevent damage. This can assist in reassuring the pallet end-user that the system load will securely survive handling. The pallet design itself can be enhanced to ensure that just the essential materials are utilized in simply the suitable locations to acquire the most affordable pallet.

Optimum Pallet Length and Width

PDS 6.3 also consists of increased limits for the optimum pallet length and width and the capability to have a partial 4-way stringer pallet with no notches cut in the stringer if the bottom deck is high enough to permit fork tine entry.

Kamps Inc. Obtains Texas-Based Overall Pallet Options

Kamps Inc. Obtains Texas-Based Overall Pallet Options

Kamps Inc. Gets Texas Based Overall Pallet Services, Enhancing The National Pallet Recycler’s Position In The Southern Market

Kamps Inc. is one of the country’s biggest pallet providers and recycling service suppliers and has acquired Overall Pallet Solutions, LLC. The acquisition of TPS constructs upon Kamps’ core objective of supplying standardized, best-in-class pallet services on a nationwide scale.

About Kamps Inc.

Kamps Inc. is a complete service nationwide pallet business providing innovative pallet services to clients since 1975. Kamps specializes in delivering high-quality recycled pallets, brand-new custom-made pallets, and extensive pallet services to a varied consumer base.

Since its beginning, TPS has firmly placed itself as one of the leading pallet businesses and recyclers in the Central Texas area – growing to 135 staff members and 200 trailers. Specializing in remanufactured and reconditioned pallets, TPS plays an essential function in supporting a varied set of markets.

TPS will contribute to the ongoing development for Kamps in Texas and beyond, stated Kamps Inc. president Mitchell Kamps.

TPS has been a crucial member of our nationwide pallet network for several years, and through the web, we have developed strong relationships with our business. Our shared devotion to customer support, economic development, and group advancement provide a guarantee to a compelling future together.

The addition of TPS enhances Kamps’ nationwide existence to over 30 owned and run places, 2,800 trailers, 1,200 workers, and 150 areas in the national pallet partner network. Each site plays an essential function as current market needs and conditions show that standardized, nationwide pallet companies are crucial to effective supply chains.

Kamps’ ongoing development through brand-new places and acquisitions enhances its position to support supply chains with their customer-centric brand name of pallet services– on a nationwide scale.

Kyle Lane, the co-founder of TPS, stated,

We are thrilled to be a part of the Kamps Group and are eagerly anticipating a growing business together. We appreciate their capability to grow their business while treating their partners, clients, and staff members with the utmost regard.

About Overall Pallet Services

Overall, Pallet Solutions (TPS) is headquartered in Alvarado, Texas. Over its ten-year history, the business has grown quickly and firmly located itself as one of the leading pallet recyclers in the area.

The New and Improved Pallet Design System 6.2

The New and Improved Pallet Design System 6.2

New in Version 6.2

The Pallet Design System has come a long way since version 6.1.

PDS 6.2 makes it possible to create overlap-base block pallets with recessed bottom decks. It likewise consists of a crucial extension to our system load for box analysis abilities.

Improvements and new functions consisted of in PDS 6.2 are:

  • Filler boards and trenched stringer boards can be contributed to overlap base block pallets.
  • Interlock stacked boxes can be evaluated for system loads.
  • When there is no stringer between the fork branches, forklifting from the end of the stringer pallets can be examined.
  • Enhanced residential or commercial properties for air-dried softwood pallets are put together and dried before utilization.
  • The PDS installer is readily available in numerous languages: English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, & Portuguese.

Overlap Base Pallets

Pallets with flush bottom decks are helpful when stacking system loads such as drums. The deck engages more of the top surface area of the bottom system load, providing assistance to the upper system loads and decreasing the threat of damage to the freight on the bottom pallet.

Overlap base pallets are more powerful and resilient than border-based pallets due to better connections in the bottom deck.

Now you can have the best of both worlds, a robust overlap-base pallet that has a constant and flat bottom deck. This is important for creating CP-9 pallets, which are popular in the chemical industry.

The spaces that would usually exist between the deck boards are filled with nailed-on filler boards. The deck boards are recessed into a thicker stringer board trenched (dadoed) to accept them.

Interlock Stacking

PDS 6.2 enables interlock stacked box system loads to be examined. Interlock stacking tends to move more loads away from the pallet while significantly lowering the crushing resistance of packages.

It provides optimization of corrugated boxes. It is utilized to enhance the stability of system loads, mainly when stretch wrap or other stabilizers have not been used.

NWPCA’s Partnership With PDS Propels Training into The Future

NWPCA's Partnership With PDS Propels Training into The Future

The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) has partnered with AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, to connect with the Pallet Design System™ (PDS) training.

What is AICC?

AICC is a packaging education program that offers Packaging Schools an online learning management system.

The Partnership of PDS & AICC

The president & CEO of the NWPCA states that they are excited about the partnership and want to offer their members a world-class online training system from the AICC.

Their recent release of the Pallet Design System (PDS) for unit-loading corrugated boxes makes the partnership an excellent fit with AICC.

The Independent Packaging Association, AICC’s existing program, provides extensive training for corrugated, rigid box folding carton and plant industries. The Packaging School will include the Pallet Design System (PDS) curriculum on unit loading in AICC’s courses.

The Pallet Desing System provides excellent opportunities for manufacturers and packaging professionals alike, stated Kristen DeLack, PE PDS Structural Engineer.

The AICC courses will give members an excellent foundation for their custom pallets and unit load designs.

The NWPCA and the AICC developed a portal for members to access the complete course bundle that focuses on pallet design and corrugated boxes. The initial catalog of the courses is in Spanish and English and covers corrugated boxes and unit load design.

As all global leaders, we believe in expanding opportunities for digital inclusion and greatly expand PDS as the worldwide tool for designing pallets and for unit loading solutions.


The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) is the largest organization of wood packaging professionals worldwide. NWPCA has more than 670 members in 30 countries.

The Pallet Design System™ (PDS) is the exclusive software of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA).

About The Independent Packaging Association (AICC)

The Independent Packaging Association (AICC) is a membership association that serves manufacturers and suppliers with education in independent corrugated, folding cartons and information.

AICC employees have access to benefits and offer free online education to all members who wish to maximize their potential and profit.

About Pasadena Skid & Pallet

Since 1983, Pasadena Skid & Pallet has been a diversified manufacturer and wholesaler of specialty and generic pallets and material handling products and packaging.

We sell recycled timber, industrial lumber, dunnage, pallets, crates, and boxes. Our company also specializes in building custom containers, bulkheads, and trailer braces.

New Improvements to The Pallet Design System™ 6.1

New Improvements to The Pallet Design System™ 6.1

Upgrades in PDS 6.1

PDS 6.1 incorporates frequently possible client-mentioned highlights notwithstanding expanded execution for panel deck pallets.

Enhancements and brand new features comprised of in PDS 6.1 are:

  • Doubled the number of stringers for stringer pallets
  • CP7 Pallets can now be analyzed as well as designed
  • Better able to capture performance differences between designs
  • Updated properties for air-dried softwood pallets

Doubled the number of stringers for stringer pallets from a limit of nine to eighteen. This permits truly wide pallets utilized for siding and other long, semi-rigid items to be planned and assessed.

As much as 2 base deck boards arranged between blocks, running corresponding to the pallet length can be investigated. CP7 pallets would now be able to be assessed, as well as designed.

More refined panel deck pallet examination plans are better able to catch execution qualifications in the middle of styles.

Updated properties for air-dried softwood pallets that are assembled green and dried before use.

PDS 6.1

PDS 6.1 permits the plan of very wide stringer pallets with up to 18 Stringers. These pallets are typically used for transporting packages of home siding, consistent drains, or other long items that support their own weight.

This expansion is the underlying advance in building up a system to assess unit loads of sheet goods and other semi-rigid long items, empowering reasonable load ratings to be sorted out for forklifting.

PDS 6.1 can unmistakably assess block pallets with up to two bottom deck boards in the middle of the squares that run corresponding to the main stringer boards.

This is needed to assess CP-7 pallets as these pallets have one base deck board between blocks.

Previously, the investigation did not consider the base deck boards in the middle of the squares as adding to the snugness and strength of the pallet.

With this new element, the racked across length strength for these pallets is incredibly improved.

Ground-Breaking Unit Load Design Tool That Every Pallet Company Should Use

Ground-Breaking Unit Load Design Tool That Every Pallet Company Should Use

PDS 6.0 Unit Load Design Tool Minimizes Damage and Maximizes Profits

The Pallet Design System 6.0 is the most refined programming device on earth that thinks about the communications between an adaptable wood pallet and corrugated boxes.

The device utilizes world-leading science and modeling that permits pallet designers to prevent cargo damage while upgrading cost and material performance.

Anticipate seeing more from the PDS advancement bunch for 2020. PDS 6.0 System Load for Boxes is the very first portion of installment of system-level unit load style and analysis apparatuses in PDS; drums, plastic buckets, and sheet products will follow.

NWPCA and The Pallet Structure investments, adding up to almost $1.5 million over the course of the following 2 years, advance each pallet company and advance every one of our organizations, making PDS the universal language for pallet design.

About Pasadena Skid and Pallet

Since 1983, Pasadena Skid and Pallet have been a varied manufacturer and distributor of nonexclusive and specialty pallets, packaging, and material handling items. We offer recycled pallets, plywood, boxes and crates, dunnage, commercial lumber, and woods. We likewise focus on the customized constructed container and trailer braces and bulkheads.

We use PDS, a computer system-assisted style software application, which helps us to create pallets to our customer’s specifications for their specific load needs. We moreover offer additional types of services, for example, pallet management, recycling, pallet disposal, materials managing consultations, provider dealt with stock, and undeniably more.

About Pallet Design System™

The Pallet Design System ™ software application offers completely crafted and safe pallet designs, given in an expert way. Almost 450 significant pallet producers in excess of 30 countries around the planet use PDS to create 3-D styles that are detailed and effective.

Moreover, to predicting safe load capability and deflection under load, PDS offers detailed specifications in 2-D and 3-D illustrations for basically any wood pallet design. PDS is an exclusive software application of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association.

The NWPCA Releases Fire Code Compliance Manual in Spanish

The NWPCA Releases Fire Code Compliance Manual in Spanish

The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) discharges the NWPCA Fire Code Compliance Manual for Outdoor Storage of Wood Pallets, in Spanish.

The NWPCA Fire Code Compliance Manual for Outdoor Storage of Wood Pallets was initially delivered in 2017 to help the industry in compliance with the outdoor pallet storage provisions incorporated in the 2018 International Fire Code (IFC) Section 2810 of International Code Council, and NFPA1, Section 34.10.4, of the National Fire Protection Association.

Grows Educational Outreach in The Hispanic Neighborhood

The arrival of the manual in Spanish expands the Association’s instructive effort and circulation demonstrated the best fire safety practices for pallet facilities.

There are more than 67,000 positions straightforwardly identified with the wooden pallet and container manufacturing area, thus a considerable amount of them just communicate in Spanish, remarked NWPCA Chair, Frank Shean of PLA Holdings-Valley Pallet, situated in Salinas, California.

Spanish-talking proprietors and security faculty would now be able to more readily comprehend the 2018 fire codes of both the ICC and NFPA, added Dr. Brad Gething, NWPCA Director of Science and Technology Integration.

Gething likewise featured NWPCA’s proceeded with an accentuation on proactive effort to fire authorities.

The rules help these offices fabricate a consistent plan in their local language that is predictable with the most recent fire codes, and furthermore share them with their nearby fire authorities and specialists on call.

Well-being is absolutely critical. The deciphered archive is another instrument for the business to fortify its wellbeing programs that prevent the fires from starting, alleviate their spread, and ensure the security of the workers, networks, and specialists on call.


The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) is the biggest association of wood bundling experts on the planet.

Containing in excess of 670 organization individuals in 28 nations who fix, fabricate, and circulate pallets and wood packaging in unit-load arrangements, supply items, and administrations to the business.

NWPCA is a promoter and solid ally of model wellbeing codes for the best-demonstrated security practices.

About The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

NFPA is an overall chief in electrical, building, fire, and life security.

The International charitable association established in 1896 mission is to diminish the overall burden of fire and different dangers on personal satisfaction by giving and upholding norms and consensus codes, schooling, exploration, and preparing.

NFPA grows in excess of 300 principles and codes to limit the chance and impacts of different risks and fire.

About The International Code Council (ICC)

The International Code Council (ICC) is a part engaged affiliation committed to creating norms and model codes utilized in the form, plan, and consistency cycle to build protected, reasonable, economical, and strong designs.

The majority of the U.S. networks and numerous worldwide business sectors pick the International Codes.

5 Things to Consider When Switching to Recycled Pallets

5 Things to Consider When Switching to Recycled Pallets

When companies have actually got to move and deliver large levels of merchandise they’ll complete a great deal of product packaging materials to get their consignments securely and easily to their location.

A vast array of these materials might essentially be used as soon as possible and then disposed of when the crates reach their destination however this is certainly a real waste. Ecologically focussed businesses would rather choose to use recycled pallets so that they can reuse them several times for all of their packaging products.

When compared to standard wood pallets which can frequently be disposed of as soon as they have been utilized, recycled pallets guarantee that the wood used at first to produce the product packaging is recycled and utilized again for product packaging functions.

Pallets and crates that have been produced from recycled wood are just as robust, sturdy, and easy to use as basic shipping crates and pallets and so the sole distinction is that you are doing your bit for the environment by choosing these items.

Another manner in which companies can recycle their wooden crates and pallets and not needing to recycle them is to brand them so that they can easily be recognized. This will enable the business to recover the product packaging products as soon as the goods have been transported for them to use them again to ship more items. Branding with logo designs, names, as well as colors, can be efficient on the wood pallets.

If businesses are not sure how to go about recycling pallets the best thing to do would be to talk to their product packaging supplier who will recommend them the best kind of pallets and packing crates to suit their requirements.

As an example, you’ll discover off-the-shelf pallet sizes and designs to pick from or businesses can choose to have custom packaging solutions to permit large items or those of an awkward shape or delicate nature.

The most essential thing when dealing with wooden packaging is to guarantee it is sustainable, eco-friendly and to think about recycling pallets anywhere possible to decrease waste.

With lumber costs at record highs and no end in sight, we have actually been talking about ways to reduce your company’s pallet costs. If you desire instant gratification, switch to recycled pallets, a move that can cut as much as half from your pallet investment.

But like any crucial decision, you do not want to jump in feet first. There are literally numerous suppliers of recycled pallets and much like snowflakes, every one is different. The right provider is based on your needs and how well the supplier’s abilities line up. Here are 5 things you should know when selecting a recycled pallet supplier.

1) Does The Potential Provider Have The Know-How and Resources to Examine Your Pallet Requirements?

Changing from new to recycled pallets provides you the opportunity to examine the pallets you’re presently using and figure out if they’re the right ones for the job. This is especially handy if there have been modifications in your operation such as automation, brand-new line of product, or retail client requirements.

Ask your potential provider to visit your center to evaluate your current pallets and then suggest the best-recycled pallet specification( s) for you. An expert service must be done to guarantee you get the optimum pallets and prices.

2) How Skilled is The Supplier With Retail Requirements?

Pallets play an important role in the supply chain. Sellers– particularly bigger gamers– are particular about pallets. Ensure a prospective provider understands the subtleties of an individual merchant’s requirements and is prepared to respond with suitable pallets.

3) How Carefully Do The Supplier’s Recycled Pallet Specifications Line Up With What You Presently Use?

Recycled pallet specifications for recycled pallet providers goes hand-in-hand with number one. Specifications differ from one pallet provider to the next. This is particularly true of recycled pallets.

A Premium A grade to one company might be a requirement A grade to another. Make certain you get a supplier’s specs in writing to ensure positioning in regards to the size, quality, and performance you need.

If your company is nationwide or regional, ask prospective providers how they ensure their pallet grades correspond from one location to the next. Some suppliers– like Pasadena Skid & Pallets– have actually published specifications and formal quality programs in place to make sure constant specifications despite where the pallets originate.

4) Does The Supplier Have The Capability to Keep You Provided?

The majority of recycled pallet providers are regional or local companies. Some will use nationwide coverage through alliances with other providers.

If your company is nationwide, a provider with nationwide capabilities is more effective as it simplifies your pallet management and ultimately decreases the time and expense of working.

Our Quality control Program ensures the best pallet– every time! We take pride in our long-term relationship with many of our customers. We arrange our production to meet their requirements and pursue on-time shipment– each time! Our policy is to please our client– each time!

5) How Does The Provider Manage Order Positioning, Tracking, Verification, and Billing?

Recycled pallet services and order fulfillment much of the pallet industry, new and recycled, is paper-based, a system that does not line up well with consumers that are well supported by functional IT or procedures that have actually moved beyond paper and telephones. Too, paper-based systems include the cost to a company’s supply chain. I’m discussing order precision and time invested in tracking, validating, and billing pallet orders.

Undoubtedly, the much better a recycled pallet provider’s digital abilities, the much better off you will be, even if it’s something as easy as electronic bills of lading.

At Pasadena Skid & Pallet, we’re lucky that our leadership team is obsessed with being early adopters of all manner of service-enhancing supply chain technology. We utilize PDS, a computer-aided design software, which helps us to manufacture pallets to our client’s requirements for their exact load needs. We likewise use additional services such as pallet management, recycling, pallet disposal, products managing assessments, vendor-managed stock, and much more.