Wood The “Green Choice”

WOOD “THE GREEN CHOICE” The Wooden Pallet was green before green was “cool”. First of all, wood is the only totally renewable resource that mankind has available. Wood is renewable and sustainable and does not require petroleum, chemicals or electricity to create just those inputs of sun, water , soil and time. Usable and harvestable timber can be created in less than I5 years as opposed to millions of years for other finite resources. This is a very short time for a product of durability, utility and beauty.

Wooden Pallets are sustainable over the long haul. Modern forestry and timber management has virtually assured us perpetual yield and sustainable supply. All this occurs while consuming and sequestering CO2. As an added bonus, growing trees produce oxygen for an oxygen starved CO2 polluted world. The wood used to manufacture wooden pallets and wood products is “carbon neutral” and does not add to the greenhouse effect. LCA, (Life Cycle Analysis) will show that wood is the material to beat for pallets and unit load platforms.

Wooden Pallets have many other green attributes. Minimal inputs of energy, water, and other resources are needed to convert wood into usable Products. By-products from logging, milling and manufacturing are used for bio-mass, fuel, and landscape products. Wooden Pallets consume low grade lumber and trees that might otherwise go into pulp, while the higher grades are used for housing, flooring, millwork, and cabinetry. Pasadena Skid & Pallet can provide an SFI or FSC Certified Wooden Pallet at additional charges.

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