Custom Pallet Manufacturing

Wooden Pallets

Available in Hardwoods, Softwoods, and recycled. During and since WWII the wooden pallet has become the industrial workhorse. Wooden pallets save consumers thousands in material handling costs. The Wooden Pallet constitutes over 90 % of all pallets in use today. Other materials have made some inroads into the industry, but wood is the predominate material of choice. There are numerous reasons why wood has remained first. Wooden pallets are the most economical choice, second wooden pallets are very durable and stand up well in harsh material handling environments when properly designed, and third, the four R’s- Renewable, Reusable, Repairable and Recyclable.

Wooden Pallets come in many different sizes and configurations and Pasadena Skid and Pallet can supply all your needs. Pasadena Skid and Pallet can manufacture to your specifications , industry standard pallets, or we can design the right Wooden Pallet using our licensed PDS software. PDS engineered Wooden Pallets make your pallets much more than a guess and gives them creditability on many different metrics.

Pasadena Skid & Pallet‘s Quality assurance program insures that your Wooden pallets will be Quality Assured and on time to meet your rigid customers needs. We inventory some customers pallets on our yard to facilitate that JIT need or requirement and to improve our production flow and scheduling


Type of Design

Stringer Design
• Heavy Duty Two Way Stringer Pallet
• Stevedore Type Double Wing Pallet
• Premium Panel Deck (Plywood) Stringer Pallet
• Heavy Duty Stringer Pallet Notched for Four-Way Entry
• Grocery Industry Four-Way Pallet
• Single Face Skid
• Limited Use Stringer Pallet

Block Design
• Perimeter Base Block Pallet
• Single Wing Pallet With Optional Chamfer On Bottom Boards
• Standard Reversible

Pallet Capacity

Up to 8,000 pallets per day using our Viking 504 and Viking 505 automated pallet assembly systems.

Typical Uses

  • Shipping
  • Storage
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


  • Hardwood
  • Pine Wood

Measures Associated with Wood Pallets

  • Heat Treatment
  • Kiln-Drying
  • Methyl Bromide Fumigation

Custom Corrugated Pallets

Pasadena Skid & Pallet is partners with CorrPallet, Inc. a licensed manufacturer of corrugated Pallets for UNIPAL®.

Industries Served

  • Chemical
  • Consumer Products
  • Automotive
  • General Industrial
  • Repackaging
  • Oil Field
  • Rubber


  • National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA)
  • National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
  • National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Program guarantees the right pallet – every time! We take pride in our long term relationship with many of our customers. We schedule our manufacturing to meet their needs and strive for on-time delivery – every time! Our policy is to satisfy our customer – every time!


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