Recycling Wooden Pallets This Holiday Season

Recycling Wooden Pallets This Holiday Season

Warehouses use a copious amount of pallets everyday. These wooden pallets are durable, however, they won’t last a lifetime. Someday they will become warped and too weak to be used. Many pallets are only used just one time and then disposed of. This is such a waste of good wood that can be used elsewhere. Too many wooden pallets end up in a landfill. These pallets are still useful in many ways.That’s when it’s a smart idea to consider having these pallets recycled.

The best use for these old wooden pallets is as fire wood. With the holidays coming up so soon, wood will be needed even more to heat fireplaces and keep everyone warm and cozy.

It’s not always necessary to cut down perfectly good trees when there are so many wooden pallets available to be recycled. Too many trees are wasted in this manner. Recycling the wooden pallets is much better than just disposing of them. It is good for the environment, and keeps the trees in the forests where they belong. Wooden pallets are not biodegradable and with the world thinking more about being green, recycling the pallets is a wonderful example of caring for the environment.

One place that is really involved in this recycling project is Denver, Colorado. PalletFest is held in October. It focuses on recycling wooden pallets. This unique festival offers live music, a pallet maze, food and drink, an up-cycled fashion shop, and many more exciting activities. PalletFest is held to get people excited about recycling wooden pallets and have them be used in a creative manner.

October is the perfect time of the year to have a PalletFest. The weather is getting a nip in the air. The wooden pallets are available to take home and be used as fire wood on those cold, snowy evenings in front of the fireplace. Just imagine sitting there with a delicious glass of wine, or a nice, warm hot chocolate to take the chill out of those bones. No one really cares what kind of wood is in the fireplace; as long as it warms up the atmosphere in a cozy way.

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