Pallet Design System Keeps Getting Better

Pallet Design System Keeps Getting Better

Improvements to PDS™ brands this application or software tool ‘A Treasure’. It is even more valuable because it allows various companies to share certain information regarding unit loads with their customers. PDSTM is designed, developed and owned by the National Wooden Pallets & Container Association (NWPCA).

According to the latest statistics, one of the best methods to convey the right solution to all PDSTM software customers is to basically design them. They can be designed on a 3d design platform for better clarity. The PDSTM was the first software, application or program that exists in the marketplace and has widely become a respected platform as per the industrial standards.

PDS version 5.1 which was successfully launched during the summer is the latest updated version of the software. It contains a new Integrated Program known as ‘LoadSync’. LoadSync works concurrently with the PDSTM software to allow end users scrutinize their unit load handling requirements. The requirements are then saved to a data file and later sent via email to the manufacturer.

The PDS application incorporates various uses and functions. For example, if there is a shortage of hardwoods, but there is the availability of green pine, the company can analyze the stacking, racking, and load systems to figure out if the alternative material will accomplish various customers’ needs.

Bearing in mind that there are very many variables that get into a design, the system does better evaluating all of them. The newest PDS 5.1 version allows companies to run schematics and analysis of the pallets then printing it out while getting a sign-off from the relevant customer. The company is able to integrate it into the PalMate system and into their production processes.

The PDS application will always show that a change in packaging will put substantial weight and pressure on the deck boards, instead of the stringer. Using this software, the customer is able to know how the bags affect the pallet strength while coming up with a precise solution. The application also goes an extra mile to incorporate various safety measures into its dominant designs.

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