Make Trendy Custom Furniture With Recycled Wooden Pallets

Make Trendy Custom Furniture With Recycled Wooden Pallets

Purchasing new furniture can be expensive, time consuming, and doesn’t always fit with current decor styles. For those that don’t have the time or budget to shop for new pieces of furniture that can end up costing thousands for quality furniture, consider making your own with recycled pallets. Recycled pallets are not only cost effective, but allow for uniquely customized pieces that fit perfectly with existing furniture, and present room decor.

Everything from living room tables, chairs, grills, outdoor planter containers, to beautiful rustic wood floors, customized entertainment stands, and eye-catching shelves, can be made at little or no cost. The best part about making wooden pallet furniture is creators will find an endless supply of building materials. The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association report more than 1.5 pallets per day are used to transport goods in the United States. After transport those pallets are often not reused and end up discarded or being used in recycling.

In an age of recycling and innovation pallet furniture makers will find an endless supply of ideas at such websites as Pinterest, 99 Pallets, 101 Pallet Plans or 1001 Pallets. Pinterest alone will display beautiful results of pallet projects, such as kitchen cabinets, garden paths, and wall gardens. Facebook pages for 1001 pallets, and 101 Pallets will unveil projects, such as children’s desks, tool racks, consoles, and even bed frames.

Dr. Alex Yergiyev, pathologist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, began making pallet furniture after finding instructions for a buffet table online. He kept the buffet, but has made a hobby and business out of making wine racks, and tables, which he sells for $50, and $150.

Third grade teacher Donna Zang also has a thriving online furniture business using recycled pallets. She makes a variety of products including wine racks, towel holders, and a variety of frames and tables. Her prices range from $15-$250 depending on the product. She initially put a few products online and had ten orders in 12 hours.

Once pallets have been found they have to be taken apart, and the slates sanded and cleaned for reuse. Most pallets are heat treated, which makes them perfect for reuse. When attempting to use old pallets, however, keep in mind older pallets may not always be safe for reuse. They were sometimes treated with formaldehyde, so never use questionable pallets. One of the best parts about building pallet furniture is all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse button for custom made designs and thriving hobbies.

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