Pallet Fest 2014 Helps Save The World One Pallet At A Time

Pallet Fest 2014 Helps Save The World One Pallet At A Time

Recycling is a very sensitive topic. Many people try to do their best to help recycle materials that can then be repurposed and integrated into other items. Until now, there have been very few events where people who are passionate about recycling can gather. However, that will change with the implementation of PalletFest.

Many people are unaware of the benefits of upcycling pallets. Pallets are used in the logistics industry as a way to move many items, at one time, in an efficient way. However, many pallets are discarded after only one use. This leaves a lot of usable and useful material simply sitting in landfills, when it could be used in many different ways to help benefit and enrich the lives of many people. The many different uses for pallets and the many creative ways that people implement them only serve to show that it is a valuable resource that should be utilized and treasured, and that is the main goal of PalletFest.

PalletFest is an even that focuses on the upcycling of pallets that are used for transporting goods to manufacturers and stores. The event takes place in Sculpture Park, near Speer Blvd. and Champa in Denver Colorado on October the 11th and 12th. Events for PalletFest include live music, an upcycled fashion shop, food and drink, live music a “Pallet Build Off,” a pallet maze, pallet parkour and much more. If you are someone who is interested in seeing what the excitement is about or are a fellow upcycling enthusiast, come to PalletFest.

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