Kamps Inc. Obtains Pallet Industries in Florida

Kamps Inc. Obtains Pallet Industries in Florida

Kamps Inc. Strengthens Its Position in the Southern Pallet Market

Kamps Inc., one of the country’s most extensive recycling and pallet solutions, is now owned by Pallet Industries out of Florida. Pallet Industries builds upon Kamps’s primary goal of offering standardized, top-of-the-line pallet solutions available on a national level. The deal was signed on March 17th by both parties. The owners of the original, Jesus and Jose Rodriguez, remain on board to oversee the newly purchased locations.

Pallet Industries (PI)

Pallet Industries (PI) was founded in 2007 and operated two facilities located in Florida:

  1. Deerfield (South)
  2. Mulberry (Central)

The strategically placed locations of both facilities have enabled Pallet Industries to cover most of the state over many years. This includes critical markets like Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. The company is specialized in recycled (repaired) pallets, remanufactured ones, and custom-designed pallets. PI employs 115 employees and 150 trailers that serve the constantly growing customers.

Helped Build a Successful Business

“Jesus and Jose have helped build a successful business,” Says Kamps Inc. President Mitchell Kamps. “We share much of the same values and attributes, including emphasizing customer service to offering opportunities for our employees to develop their professional skills and growth. It’s just a perfect combination. The acquisition from Pallet Industries will certainly help in the growth of the strength of our South-East Region and allow us to serve our customers in this region better.”

Similar sentiments were also echoed by Jose and Jesus and Jose who both said, “We have been working with Kamps for many years as a partner in the pallet system they have. We’ve always had an excellent relationship, and this will allow us to be part of Kamps company and will allow everyone involved to provide better service to the increasing customers within Florida.”

After the acquisition, Kamps currently has 25 locations, more than 2,500 trailers in operation, and more than 1,000 employees in the United States. The standardization of pallets and services is crucial in today’s world of expanding online platforms, national supermarket chains, and global supply chains. Kamps continues to grow through acquisitions, and new locations will help it offer customers the most effective pallet solutions that will surpass their expectations on a global scale.

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