NWPCA Launches Resource Hub for Lacey Act Declaration Requirements

NWPCA Launches Resource Hub for Lacey Act Declaration Requirements

The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) announces the Lacey Act and Wood Packaging Resource Hub, an online portal with information and resources to assist the wood packaging industry in understanding their obligations under the Lacey Act Phase 6 implementation.

Nwpca Launches Resource Hub, Which Includes Details on the Lacy Act Requirements for Declaration for the Wood Packaging Industry

On October 1, 2021, importers must submit the Lacey declaration of newly-created wooden products from HTSUS 4415 imported into the United States as merchandise. In addition, the Lacey Act provides an exception to the import declaration requirement for plants that are used solely for packaging materials to help the protection of, or carry an item, provided that the material used for packaging is the item that is being imported (SS 3372(f)(3). Furthermore, APHIS does not require U.S. importers to file a Lacey declaration for recycled, used, and reclaimed wood products within HTSUS 4415.

The Hub includes recording a webinar (September 21, 2021) and slide presentations from USDA APHIS and a prominent U.S. Customs broker on the most frequently asked questions regarding wooden containers and pallets and links to related information sources. NWPCA will keep updating and improving the quality of the online resource as time goes by.

“To ensure that our members are aware of their obligations We teamed up with government organizations and affiliated associations including the USDA-Animal Health and Inspection Service as well as the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America to conduct an online webinar to offer information on how to and address timely concerns from the sector,” stated Brent McClendon, NWPCA President & CEO. “

The Lacey Act Wood Packaging Resource Hub

The Lacey Act Wood Packaging Resource Hub offers information on the new declaration process to ease the burden on a wood pallet and container makers and importers and users of wooden packaging when it comes to completing the necessary paperwork.”

Wooden pallets are an important component of the supply chain—pallets made of wood transport everything we need in our homes and business. Based on a user survey by Modern Materials Handling, wood is the main ingredient in 94% of pallet production. The wood pallet industry is an $11.5 billion American success story, with nearly 2 billion wooden pallets being used daily in the domestic warehousing and shipping operations. NWPCA, along with the other wood processing industries, is proud of our part in assisting our supply chain and moving items that ensure we are secure, fed, and growing with us as a nation.

The Lacey Act is a 1900 United States law that bans the illegal wildlife trade. In 2008, the U.S. Congress amended the Act to include plants and products from plants, such as wood products and wood packaging. This is part of Phase 6’s implementation that began on October 1, 2021.


The NWPCA and its members are dedicated to producing wooden pallets and containers made from legally harvested resources. We support the global effort and essential laws that combat illegal logs. We believe that the well-put Lacey Act ensures that our industry will continue to use wooden pallets made of legally-sourced wood and keep moving around the globe with the most sustainable products available.

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