What Are Wooden Pallets?

A Houston Pallet is a flat structure that gives goods stability while being transported and lifted by fork lifts and pallet jacks. Though most pallets are made out of wood, there are pellets that are made out of metal, paper and plastic. Use of wooden pallets started as far back in time and up to now, it is still the most preferred transportation pallet.

The following are reasons as to why wooden pallets are the most preferred: durability, availability, cost and alternative uses. In comparison to materials such as paper and plastic, pallets made out of wood last longer than the other materials. In terms of availability, wooden pallets are found nearly everywhere, but for plastic and paper there are found hardly available. When it comes to cost, wooden pallets are cheaper than paper and metal pallets. Wooden pallets can also have alternative uses. The old wooden pallets can be used in pallet crafts and creating skateboard courses. Untreated wooden pallets can also be used as firewood.

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