Pallet Sanitary Compliance

The International Plant Protection Convention came up with the following measures in creation of wooden pallets. These standards were set so as to prevent carriers of invasive insects and plant diseases from being transported to other regions of the world. As per these standards Houston Wooden Pallets of raw untreated wood were not compliant with the standards. For them to be compliant, the pallets must be treated in the following ways under an approved institution: Heat treatment and chemical fumigation.

For heat treatment, the wood should be heated till it reaches a minimum core temperature of about 132.8 F. For chemical treatment, the wood should be treated with methyl bromide. There is usually an IPPC, logo on wooden pallets that have been approved for use. Next to a HT logo is put, this shows that the wood has been heat treated. The opposite side of IPPC, the CT logo is put to show that the pallets have been chemically treated.

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