New Release of Pallet Design System: 6.3

New Release of Pallet Design System: 6.3

New in Version 6.3

The Pallet Design System has come a long way from versions 6.1 and 6.2. PDS 6.3 presents the style and analysis of system loads of sheet goods. This is the first in a series of growths that will allow customized pallets to be designed and analyzed to carry heavy and oversized products and devices.

Improvements and new features included in PDS 6.3 are:

  • Longer pallets can now be created and examined as much as 30 feet. (deck boards and stringers still need to be constant pieces of lumber).
  • 4-way stringer pallets are evaluated for forklifting from the side with no requirement for a forklift notch, offered the bottom deck boards are high enough for fork branch clearance.
  • The stiffness and strength of long products can be consisted of in the analysis in all assistance conditions.
Luckily, long products often have adequate stiffness and strength to support a few of their weight. This is comparable to the load bridging seen in unit loads of boxes.

Strength and Stiffness Are Taken Into Account

PDS 6.3 now includes the ability to take the strength and stiffness of long products into account when examining the pallet. PDS can identify the bending and compression stress in the products and the radius of curvature to guarantee that the items are adequately supported to prevent damage. This can assist in reassuring the pallet end-user that the system load will securely survive handling. The pallet design itself can be enhanced to ensure that just the essential materials are utilized in simply the suitable locations to acquire the most affordable pallet.

Optimum Pallet Length and Width

PDS 6.3 also consists of increased limits for the optimum pallet length and width and the capability to have a partial 4-way stringer pallet with no notches cut in the stringer if the bottom deck is high enough to permit fork tine entry.

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