Use Recycled Pallets To Make Mulch For Your Garden

There are things in life that we have seen so often that we no longer see them at all. If we should happen to trip over one or stub a toe, we do not wonder what they are doing there. We are just annoyed that they are there and they hurt us. We will not even pick them up and throw them out of the way. There is no place else for them to be and someone will claim them and take them away. A case in point is a pallet.

A pallet is a some time wood, but occasionally plastic, bunch of pieces put together to hold something .else. Everyone has seen them with cans or boxes stacked on top at your local grocery or liquor store. They are usually raw wood, un sanded, rough and stained. They are disposed of as quickly as possible usually by simply tossing them into the trash to be hauled to the dump. In some rare cases the shipper or shipping company will pick them up and reuse them .But they are usually scrap wood hammered together and not worth the price of recycling them.

There Washed to remove the various and unsightly stains collected when used and shipped around as pallets. Minor carpentry .skills may be applied in sanding them to smooth and occasionally bring out the grains or character. With this little labor you change .a piece of scrap into a quality canvas. From this point on you bring out the real you. It may not pop right out of your head to a critically acclaimed work of art but its in there. Patience and
perseverance are the requirements for success.

Consider where you can start. Step 1.Use as they are. Decide what changes you have to make, or what changes you don’t. Shelves, plain old, unfinished. Once you have cleaned the pallets up washed and sanded smooth you have the shelves. Nail pallets to their sides to make them stand up you have a book case .Nail other pallets to the bottom and pallets to each side to make three sides and a bottom. Nail them against a wall and you have a shelf over the stove for cook books, or behind your sofa for your current novel, or whatever. Using the three side and a bottom pattern leads to all kinds of things a hanging flower box on the patio, a place for fertilizers, etc.the garden. But inside the house is where you can shine.

A row of pallets natural or painted to match the bedroom make an outstanding head board. The three sides and bottom, turned over so the bottom is now the top. Again natural or painted.. About 2 feet square, make great matching low bedroom table. The same table, higher, makes a great living room coffee. Now for pure talent, one of those same rows of pallets hung on a wall like pictures, they are pictures, .Painted they are a prairie, or put in a mountain. Whatever your eye sees from your window. Unpainted, sanded and left natural a wall decoration with a design, simple or elaborate. has been a change, however, and pallets have been given second chance at life. They are now the latest craze in exotic furniture. Hand made, amateur hand designed and sold at a high price but cheaper than regular furniture pieces. The pallets are cleaned up.

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