Shipping and Manufacturing Backbone

Pallets for Shipping and Manufacturing and More
Pallets are items shipping and manufacturing can’t do without. Today’s shipping is simple and easy thanks to use of pallets. Pallets are purchased as a basic necessity for processing large volumes of items to ship via truck, ship, air or rail. Pallets keep packaged items neat and convenient for transport. It’s difficult to imagine how warehouses would manage storage without stackable and weather-proof pallets and various types of sealing materials.

The Role of the Pallet Industry in Manufacturing
Manufactured items require special packaging. Once these items are packaged and ready to be shipped to a warehouse or large store, they are labeled and scanned and set onto pallets for shipping purposes. At this point, pallets of goods are transferred via a hand truck, front loader or forklift to a shipping bay where trucking fleets will pick up these goods for sale to outlets or for storage in a warehouse. This is the important role of the pallet industry in manufacturing. It’s also a major reason Houston Pallets and Skid Fabrication, Houston, Texas are leaders in the pallet industry.

Types of Pallets for Every Need
There’s a pallet for every shipping or manufacturing need. These are available in a wide range of sizes. The most common type of pallet is made from wood or plastic. Wood pallets can be recycled. Plastic pallets are more durable than wood and are great for use where moisture may be a problem. For overseas shipping, the choice may be heated-treated wood pallets that withstand variable temperatures during shipping processing. Paper pallets are a convenience thanks to convenient disposability. These are also biodegradable. Corrugated materials comprise paper pallets. For extra durability, many manufacturers and shippers prefer pallets constructed from high-quality steel.

Houston Pallets and Skid Fabrication
Pallets may be referred to as “skids.” Houston Pallets and Skid Fabrication, Houston Texas is a top producer of a wide variety of pallets made from quality woods and other materials. Their clientele relies on their expertise in pallet and skid fabrication.

Other Uses for Pallets and Skids
Shipping and manufacturing are not the only types of uses for pallets and skids. Long- distance moving companies often purchase pallets and skids to keep fine art, furnishings and other valuable home accessories from breakage. Pallets and skids are also purchased by schools and theaters for use as “risers” for theatrical and chorus performances.

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