Pallets Move The World

The Pallet manufacturing business is not what one usually thinks about these days, but pallets essentially move the world. The process of pallet making is pretty ingenious, and simple.

Pallets are basically treated lumber, cut into specific lengths, that are nailed to a base frame. There are many sizes to choose from for whatever the shipping needs are to be. Lumber strips are lined up on three to four pieces of lumber, and with a nail gun usually, nailed evenly together. Keeping the lumber strips a few inches apart ensures stability, and strength of the pallet. It is important to use treated lumber that keeps mold from growing on the wood. The lumber goes through a process of drying, and treatment before it is ever chosen to become a pallet. The shape of the pallet can be square or rectangular based on the length of the lumber strips used. The standardized shape of the pallets make shipping more economical, because no matter the shape of the objects on the pallet, items can be stacked, and packed into shipping compartments more efficiently. Pallets can carry very heavy loads, some over 2200 pounds.

The use of the pallet can help almost any item be delivered safe, and sound all over the world. Large quantities of specific items can be stacked rather high on pallets, and tethered or wrapped together securely. The items are then protected from damage. The pallet is durable, and can take being knocked around in warehouses. Inventories are easier to maintain with items kept on pallets. Warehouses everywhere depend on the pallet industry to keep their inventories well placed, and safe from damage. Pallets make moving large quantities of anything easy, and affordable. Bulk shipping is always better, and the pallet makes it possible. No matter what the mode of shipping, plane, train, etc., pallets are easy to load with the use of pallet jacks.

When a pallet has been used for a long time it needs to be recycled. There are many things that can be done with old pallets. There are actually artists who transform old pallets into works of art. Sturdy furniture is also made out of recycled pallets. Many slated benches are derived from old pallets. Shelving, and chairs, the options are endless for the one conceiving the idea on how to transform a well used pallet into something usable. In the end pallets rule the world.

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