Pallets for Emergency Floors

Pallets for Emergency Floors

Refugee camps don’t have a lot of positives to offer, but there are a ton of shipping pallets laying around that are of some value. They currently don’t see much action and often end up in the trash.

In order to make some use of them social entities are using the pallets to build floors for shelters that hold people needing it. Refugees are still using unsanitary dirt floors that cause diseases to all kinds of different individuals.

With many more refugees living in camps, the aid officials can’t afford to take care of all individuals. Pallets that have not been used before can certainly make use now. The emergency floors can put plastic tiles over the pallets so that they fit perfectly. The raised floors keep the shelters sanitary and warmer during the colder climates. The shipping is already taken care of as the pallets are already on site.

Scott Austin Key, founder of Good Works Studio, has been fixing the issues over the years by creating a new setup. He is looking to solve this pallet problem without having to throw in a ton of money. The new flooring systems are a must at these refugee camps. The tarps or tents being used will easily tare during bad storms or other dangerous conditions. The long lasting flooring can work towards earning the money back over time.

Most governments are not going to allow the concrete finishes place in the more luxurious camps. Most of the refugee camps are living through tough climates with bad results.

The new tested emergency floor plans are still pending approval from governments. There are some surveys going out right now that take into consideration the health of refugees, how the individuals feel about the new plan, and the design looks.

They are continuing to expand the emergency floor operations and are planning to serve over a billion people in the near future.

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