Make A Pallet Swimming Pool For Under $80

Make A Pallet Swimming Pool For Under $80

Have you ever wanted your own swimming pool? I daydream about having a pool in my backyard at least once a week but whether you live in the south or in the north a pool for $80 is a steal! At that price almost all us could afford one.

How can you do it? A savvy Facebook user named Torben Jung has posted instructions on just how he built a swimming pool out of pallets and other recycled or inexpensive materials on that minuscule budget. He posted a slideshow so we could all see how this brilliant feat was accomplished step by step.

So not only is the dream of having our own swimming pool more achievable than ever thanks to someone’s creative genius but we can also make the great idea our own by customizing the swimming pool to meet our desires. It could be bigger for those who dig the pool party scene or smaller for those who just want it for their children.

I think you could even change the shape to an oval or pretty much whatever shape fits your needs. As long as we are being creative here why not buy a few extra pallets and make a ladder for climbing into that delightful pool or maybe a mini deck next to it so the kids don’t track in dirt!

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