Five Reasons to Choose Custom Packaging for Your Business

If you run a business that packs and ships items, you’re already familiar with the need for
custom packaging. When it comes to packaging your products, one size does not fit all.
Having a variety of packaging material, shapes and sizes at your disposal is important so you
can avoid waste and escalated shipping costs. If you’ve considered personalized packaging
but worry that it will strain your budget, you’ll be thrilled to know that custom packaging can
actually help you save money. Here are five ways custom packaging can benefit your business.

1) It’s Ideal For Fragile Items

Fragile items require custom packaging. You never want to take short-cuts when packing and
shipping a fragile item, so sturdiness and durability are key factors to consider. Many custom
packages are made from wood, a superb option when sending valuable and fragile items.
Using wood packaging for these kinds of products ensures that they will reach their destination
whole and in pristine condition. Items damaged in transit as a result of improper packing
methods can be a nightmare for both you and the buyer – one you want to avoid at all costs.

2) It Can Save You Money

The options with standard packaging are limited. If you’ve been shipping small or lightweight
items using standard packaging, it’s quite possible you’ve been wasting money. With custom
packaging, your options increase considerably. With more packaging choices, you can find just
the right materials to suit a specific item. Custom packaging can also qualify you for
discounted rates at both the post office and other shipping companies.

3) You’ll Get Customized Packing Materials

The protective materials you use are just as important as the package itself. When shipping
products to a customer, you want to be sure those products arrive in perfect condition and are
presented in an appealing, responsible manner. Your customer’s first impression won’t be the
item itself – it will be the care and thought that went into the package and the packing
materials. The right custom packaging and protection items send a clear message to the
customer that your company is meticulous, instilling further confidence in your product and

4) You Can Promote Your Logo

With custom packaging, you can incorporate your company logo into the mix. Whether you
opted for corrugated cardboard or wood, if packaging is being created specifically for your
company, your logo can easily be assigned to your order. Along with the quality of packaging
and protective materials, having your logo on the package indicates to your customers that
they are receiving a quality item from a professional, thoughtful source.

5) It’s Perfect For Heavy Or Unusually-Shaped Items

Standard packaging won’t always meet the quality requirements you need to protect very
heavy or oddly-shaped items. If you have a product that fits one of these descriptions, your
most efficient, effective option is custom packaging and custom protective materials. Your
customer will greatly appreciate the extra thought and precision that went into guaranteeing
the safety of their item.

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