12 Pallet Perfect Projects

12 Pallet Perfect Projects

Wooden pallets are an exceptionally versatile and cheap tool to use in design, decorating, or even construction. With the market the way that it is, people are looking to save money where ever they can while still being able to show who they are stylistically. Wooden pallets help them do this with just a little time on the part of the do-it-yourself mentality person. You do not even need to be very stylish to use these versatile products considering that Pinterest has many wonderful projects at the click button.

For the gardener, you can make many things to help with storage, gardening in small spaces, and even for your compost. Any good gardener knows that the best soil is made at home without the use of pesticides and additives that can be found in store-bought potting soil and garden soil. Why not make your own compost with just a few wooden pallets? Use one pallet for the bottom and attach upright pallets on the sides for your easy-to-make compost bin. The slats on the sides even provide air circulation to help with the composting process.

Next you can set up your rack for all of your long-handled tools. Just screw a wooden pallet onto the wall that you are going to use for storage and insert your garden tools into the holes in the top. Wooden pallets also are great for gardening in small spaces. Whether you only have a wall for a vertical planter or you want to lay out the pallets on the ground outside, pallets make great planters. If you use a pallet for a vertical planter, make sure you add a bottom shelf to each rung so that it holds in the soil.

Wooden pallets can be used for all different kinds of furniture as well. To make a sofa, just put pallets end to end in the shape of the space that you are using. Screw the pallets together, add more pallets for the backrest, and add cushions. I have seen this done many times and it looks stunning. While you’re sitting on your new patio furniture, think about how nice it would be to have a tree swing. All it takes to make that swing is to attach some eye hooks to the corners of the pallet, run rope through the eye hooks, and tie it up on a tree branch.

Now that the kids and yourself are taken care of, you could make a pet bed for your dog using pallets. Cut out the center of the pallets to the size of the dog bed and set the bed in the center. You can now finish off your yard with a brand new fence! This can be done with the ever-trusty pallet as well. You can attach the pallets to posts that sunk into the ground just like any pressure-treated wood or attach them to your garage or house.

Inside, there are many projects to use wooden pallets to build as well. You can stack them next to each other in your bedroom as a cheap and easy bed base. In the kitchen, you can hang a pallet from the ceiling for a contemporary pot rack or cut out holes in the top of the pallet for a cool wine rack. In the dining room, hang a pallet or two from the ceiling to table height for a dynamic drop down dining table. Lastly, take some pallets and turn them into artwork and signage to decorate your house.

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  • I would like to get some pallets to make a compost box. Do I have to have a minimum order?


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