Common DIY projects and where to find free pallets

Common DIY projects and where to find free pallets

Are you a creative person? Do you like to make your own art and furniture yourself? If so there is a great source material that you can acquire for free! I am of course talking about wooden pallets! In this article, I will share some common DIY pallet projects along with some common places to obtain free pallets so you can easily start your own DIY project.

The solid structure and design of wooden pallets make them perfect for several different kinds of household furniture. You can take 2-4 pallets, stack them on top of each other, nail them together, throw a smooth flat wood or glass piece on top and you got yourself a table. If you are in need of something to sit on, you can make a couch by putting pallets end to end in the shape of the space that you desire along with pallets for the backrest. Once again, make sure to secure the pallets together and add some cushions for comfort.

If you happen to be an artist, a wooden pallet can be a great canvas! The solid square layout makes it the perfect size for hanging on a wall or perhaps placing it on your lawn. You can choose to leave the gaps between the planks or you can find a flat wood piece to lie over top.  Either way, a properly painted wooden pallet can look fantastic and make your home come alive.

These are just some general creative uses for wooden pallets, but in order to start you need to find your own pallets, which is can be easy and free! You should easily be able to find available wooden pallets from your local stores. Your best bet is to check out and ask pet stores, supermarkets, and furniture or equipment stores. These types of stores tend to get their products shipped in on wooden pallets and tend to throw them away after shipments. Businesses will tend to give these pallets away for free if asked for because they usually have to pay in order to have them removed. The best time to ask about obtaining these pallets is early in the morning because that is when most companies receive their deliveries. Remember to be kind and considerate when asking about the wooden pallets. You can’t just assume that every company would be willing to give you the wooden pallets for free.

If you are somehow having a hard time finding wooden pallets you can always look online. A popular site to look for obscure items such as wooden pallets would be or ask around on blogs where wooden pallets are mentioned, such as this one. So get out there, find some pallets, and start creating!

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